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Works on Paper

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Anne Neely: Transforming Place
brooks school, North Andover, MA
November 2 – December 18, 2015

There are five different groups of watercolors in this exhibition and each is essentially a transformation on what is seen or imagined. They encompass works from living on the coast of Maine, traveling to Ireland in County Kerry, and a trip to Japan.

"When I dwell in a place, it becomes embedded in me. When I observe a place, there is a conversation between the observed and me that leads to an interpretation through memory, idea, and imagination. What remains on paper is an experiential transformation of that place, and what remains in me is the transformation of being there." — Anne Neely


Maine Meditations series

MainespacerMaine Meditation #14spacerMaine Meditation #18

Maine Meditation #21spacerMaine Meditation #24spacerMaine Meditations #26


Ireland, Sea and Sky series

IrelandspacerIreland #2spacerIreland, Sea and Sky Series

Ireland, Ring of Kerry series

Ring of KerryspacerRing of KerryspacerRing of Kerry

Ireland, Canon of Surrender series

Canon of Surrender #8spacerCanon of Surrender #4


Japan Observed series

Japan Observed #1spacerJapan Observed #3



Seven Landscapes for the New Millennium
Lillian Immig Gallery, Emmanuel College, Boston, MA
January 19, 2000 – February 17, 2000

This portfolio consists of seven drypoints printed on bright white Hahnemuhle Cooper Plate by Jenny Mikesell at Mixit Studio, Somerville, MA. Paper size is 11 x 31". This is a limited edition but can be purchased individually.

"Seven Landscapes for the New Millennium, a drypoint print portfolio throws itself into the maelstrom of passing time, albeit with hope. These are long, narrow pieces, described in feathery lines and blurry dits and dashes, like Morse code set to dance."
—Cate McQuaid, The Boston Globe, Galleries, February 3, 2000





Leaving: A Meditation on Death
Art Complex Museum, Duxbury, MA
November 15, 1998 – January 24, 1999

The portfolio consists of seven etchings and was printed by Peter Petengill at Wingate Studio, Hinsdale N.H. The technical processes include intaglio, aquatint, spit bite, soft ground and chine colle. The paper is Fabriano Tiepelo 290gr and is 26 x 19" (image size 14 x 10"). This is a limited edition but can be purchased individually. These prints were in an exhibition called "Immortalized" at the Art Complex Museum, Duxbury, MA.

"Leaving: A Meditation on Death, a suite of seven etchings by Anne Neely, intermingles fragments and organic elements in atmospheres that suggest a cosmos awash in emotion. Implicit in these hushed scenes honoring the artist's parents is a perpetual connection linking all things."
— Joanne Silver, Boston Herald, January 15, 1999